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Our defense and repair capabilities are tested, every day, in our bodies and seem to decrease from year to year, leading to aging.

Day after day, cell regeneration slows down and alterations appear in all tissues. They are naturally more visible in the skin.

We found that by isolating cells and specifically stimulating certain groups of genes that act cascading, it is possible to increase the regeneration capacity of our cells.

The life expectancy and resistance potential of your skin increases in contact with the active ingredients contained in Chronosome ™.

Cosmetology generally uses plant extracts or biological extracts.

Mastering new technologies, sequencing your DNA and understanding the mechanisms of aging can expand the range of anti-aging products. From now on, you are the source of these new assets.

Chronosome ™, made from your own DNA, becomes its exclusive vector.

This product is totally customized. You will be the sole beneficiary of its effectiveness, it cannot be exchanged or offered to other people because, as you know, your DNA is personal and unique.

"Quantum worlds teach us that matter obeys the one who knows how to speak to it. Where does this creativity go? Between the imaginary plane and the visible and palpable materialization, there are thousands of intermediate stages. But it is obvious that everything you can see or touch was first dreamed of before it could exist."

– Dr Jean-Pierre Jubin


In years






A long journey

DNA discovered

2000 years

Question of heredity from Aristotle

1850, Mendel seeks links

1869, Miescher finds Nuclein

1944, Avery communicates with DNA

1953, Watson and Crik describe DNA

DNA how it works

50 years old

A scale of 3 billion bares

22,000 genes for an entire body

Discovery of DNA codes

Creating life in the laboratory

Use of DNA scissors

Sequencing the molecule

Understanding DNA

2010 to …

Creative genes

Weakening genes

Genes encoding

Genes expressing

Preventive medicine

Early diagnosis


Search for circulating bits of DNA that indicate the slow onset of serious, degenerative or familial diseases

Risk calculation


Calculating the risk of cancer, cardiovascular fragility and food or drug sensitivities

Preventing your aging


Extract cell repair codes, keep them for years and give them back to slow your aging

Your DNA also encodes the aging of your cells

Order your collection kit

Send us your DNA easily

We will extract, purify and protect your genetic heritage and for a year you will have all the time to decide what information you need in order to better manage your present and future health.

Questions and commands attached

Collection kit, extraction, purification, conservation one year awaiting your requests CHF 80.-

Protecting your genetic wealth in a Swiss data bank for more than ten years

Send yourself your DNA easily. We take care of the extraction, the purification and we will protect your genetic heritage, for ten years. You can ask to analyze your risk of cancer or food and drug sensitivities at any time. You will be able to better manage your present and future health.

Questions and commands attached

Collection kit, extraction, purification, conservation 10 years awaiting your requests: CHF 480.-

The Chonosome formula to stay young

Send us your DNA. After extraction, purification, we will keep your DNA codes of cellular repairs, guarantor of your youth, for more than ten years and you will be able to receive, each year, the specific Chronosome-Formula serum, designed from your DNA for better stop the alteration of your face.

Questions and commands attached

Collection kit, extraction, purification, conservation for 10 years and Stop-Aging serum for one year: CHF 5000.-


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Communication at the molecular level, listening, understanding, responding

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